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1.8M Apps Available Worldwide

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Our popularity is cemented with many stories coming up daily regarding our app store.

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Search, and find your favourite apps on our app store.

175 Store fronts In Over 40 Languages

Get the global taste by trying out one of our store fronts, bringing many perspectives into one single platform.

security and privacy is built into everything we do

 We pride ourselves in our security measures that are put into place to protect our consumers.

100% Of Apps Are Automatically Screened For Known Malware.

We screen all our apps that are on our platform for any form of harmful malware.

Security For Every App At Every Level.

We assure our customers that their privileges and privacy won’t be trespassed upon.

You Choose What Data To Share And With Whom.

It’s in the name. If you don’t want to share your data, we won’t allow it.

What Our Clients Say

Hear feedback from loyal customers who are regulars on our platform.
I can access whatever app I want through this platform and have faced no problems with it at all.
Quincy M Thomas
This platform is far superior to all other platforms out there at the moment.
Carmen A McDonald
I absolutely love this platform. It looks great and performs well.
Priscilla D Nunnery
All apps are available to me, and I have the option to save my privacy details to myself.
Gary A King
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Advantage Of Our Latest Hardware Technologies

we distribute beta apps every day from our data centers.

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Hardware & Software. Powering Amazing Experiences Together.

Our combination of expert engineers in both fields ensure that our systems operations are smooth, functionable and world-class.